The Hero of Three Faces by Paul Gadzikowski - Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover cartoons
The Hero of Three Faces
by Paul Gadzikowski
Not endorsed by the owners of the intellectual properties saluted, does not infringe on the markets of said property owners. MAY CONTAIN UNMARKED SPOILERS.Updates: rarely seven but rarely none in a week, with annual summer hiatus.
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Lestrade, Donovan, Sherlock, John (Sherlock).

Last year for the Hero of Three Faces summer hiatus I linked reruns daily from the main site front page, the just-ended season's gags in chronological order, because it came to three months. This year I decided that was too much work for a summer break. Also there were about twice as many cartoons this year (yay), so daily reruns woulda lasted till December. This year the main site'll be posting reruns in no particular order on no particular schedule. I'm not even going to keep track of which ones I've already used, so you may just see my dozen or two favorites over and over, except I don't expect to be changing them often enough for there to be dozens of repeats in three or four months. Again, the way you can tell a rerun is when the front page's Production Order "next" and "last" links are active. Or when this notice hasn't been removed from the front page, whatever.